What is a RED BAG?  The red, insulated bag is a perfect place to keep medicines.  Having all your medicines in one spot makes it easy to take all medicines to doctor appointments.  Storing all medicines (except temperature-sensitive ones) in the bag at all times and keeping the bag in a visible, central place helps emergency personnel locate medicines if a crisis occurs.  Temperature-sensitive medicines will store safely for a limited time only.

The goal of providing RED BAGS to our congregation, specifically our senior adults, is to help medical professionals prevent over-medication and reduce the risk of prescribing conflicting medicines.  RED BAGS make it easy to store all non-perishable medications in one place.  They are insulated so that perishable medicines can be taken to doctor visits or on other short trips.  Most importantly, emergency responders are trained to look for REG BAGS. Included in your RED BAG is a RED BAG checklist and a medication list, allowing you to keep all your med information in one spot. RED BAGS can be purchased for $3.  Our Senior Adult Ministry Team hopes this will be a great benefit to the Newfound Baptist family!